RoHS compliant 25A PCB type Smart Home relay

RoHS compliant 25A PCB type Smart Home relay


-25A contacts switching capability.
-Only impulse excitation needed, both for single and double coil.
-Low power consumption, strong load capability.
-Small in size, PCB type installation.
-4KV dielectric strength between coil and contacts
-RoHS compliant
-Outline dimensions: (38.8 x 28.7 x 15)mm
-VDE certificate NO.: 40039308

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RoHS compliant 25A PCB type Smart Home relay Details

Contact Data

Contact Form 1C 1B
Contact Material AgSnO₂ AgSnO₂
Contact Resistance Max. 1.0mΩ (1A 6VDC) Max. 2.0mΩ (1A 6VDC)
Rated Load(Resistive) 25A 250VAC 40A 250VAC
Max. Switching Voltage 440VAC 440VAC
Max. Switching Current 25A 40A
Max. Switching Power 6250VA 10000VA
Service Life Mechnical Endurance 1x106 OPS 1x106 OPS
Electrical Endurance 3x10OPS 3x10OPS
Max. Short-circuit Current 750A/10ms 750A/10ms




Operate Time 20ms Max. 20ms Max.
Release Time 20ms Max. 20ms Max.
Insulation Resistance (500VDC) 1000MΩ Min. 1000MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength (50/60hz,1 min) Contact to Coil 4000VAC 4000VAC
Across Open Contacts 1500VAC 1500VAC
Contact to contact / /
Surge Voltage (1 .2/50 μ s) Contact to Coil 6KVAC 12KVAC
Creepage Distance 8mm 8mm
Unit Weight About 44g About 44g


Environmental Data


Ambient Temperature -40℃一+85℃ Relative Humidity 5%-85% RH
Vibration 10-55Hz 1.5mm Shock 98m/s²


Coil Data (20℃)


Coil Voltage (VDC) Coil Resistance (Ω)±10% Coil Power (W) Operating Voltage (VDC) Releasing Voltage (VDC) Allowing Voltage (VDC) Pulse Duration (ms)
Single Double Single Double
□6 36 18/18 1.0 2.0 ≤4.5 ≤4.5 9 ≥50
□9 81 40.5/40.5 ≤6.75 ≤6.75 13.5
□12 144 72/72 ≤9 ≤9 18
□24 576 288/288 ≤18 ≤18 36

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