Wholesale PCB type 5A/10A Latching Relay for Smart Home

Wholesale PCB type 5A/10A Latching Relay for Smart Home


-5A two sets of contacts switching capability.
-10A contact switching capability.
-Only impulse excitation needed, both for single and double coil.
-Low power consumption, small in size
-Samll in size, PCB type installation
-4KV dielectric strength between coil and contacts
-RoHS compliant
-Outline dimensions: (25 x 13 x 17) mm
-Patent number: 200420115716.8

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Wholesale PCB type 5A/10A Latching Relay for Smart Home Details

Contact Data

Contact Form 2B/2C 1B/1C
Contact Material AgSnO₂ AgSnO₂
Contact Resistance Max. 1.0mΩ (1A 6VDC) Max. 1.0mΩ (1A 6VDC)
Rated Load(Resistive) 5A 250VAC/28VDC 10A 250VAC/28VDC
Max. Switching Voltage 250VAC/28VDC 250VAC/28VDC
Max. Switching Current 5A 10A
Max. Switching Power 1250VA/140W 2500VA/280W
Service Life Mechnical Endurance 1x105 OPS 1x105 OPS
Electrical Endurance 1x10OPS 1x10OPS
Max. Short-circuit Current 200A/2ms 500A/2ms




Operate Time 15ms Max. 15ms Max.
Release Time 15ms Max. 15ms Max.
Insulation Resistance (500VDC) 500MΩ Min. 500MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength (50/60hz,1 min) Contact to Coil 2000VAC 2000VAC
Across Open Contacts 750VAC 750VAC
Contact to contact 1500VAC /
Surge Voltage (1 .2/50 μ s) Contact to Coil / /
Creepage Distance / /
Unit Weight About 12g About 10g


Environmental Data


Ambient Temperature -40℃一+85℃ Relative Humidity 5%-85% RH
Vibration 10-55Hz 1.5mm Shock 98m/s²


Coil Data (20℃)


Coil Voltage (VDC) Coil Resistance (Ω)±10% Coil Power (W) Operating Voltage (VDC) Releasing Voltage (VDC) Allowing Voltage (VDC) Pulse Duration (ms)
Single Double Single Double
□5 39.1 19.5/19.5 0.64 1.28 ≤3.5 ≤3.5 7.5 ≥50
□6 56.3 28.1/28.1 ≤4.2 ≤4.2 9
□9 126.6 63.3/63.3 ≤6.3 ≤6.3 13.5
□12 225 112.5/112.5 ≤8.4 ≤8.4 18
□24 900 450/450 ≤16.8 ≤16.8 36

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