What is the role of the combination relay?


A relay is an electrical control device. It is an elect […]

A relay is an electrical control device. It is an electrical appliance that causes a predetermined step change in the controlled quantity in the electrical output circuit when the change in the input quantity (excitation quantity) reaches the specified requirement. There are many types of relays, today we mainly explain what the role of the combined relay is.
The role of combination relay:

1. Double as control charging indicator.

2. The starter has a self-locking protection function, that is, it can automatically stop working after the engine is started, and can also prevent the starter from being put into work by mistake.

3. Cooperate with the ignition switch to control the starter electromagnetic switch to attract the coil and keep the coil current on and off. Avoid burning the ignition switch due to the large current of the two coils.

The functions of the  single-phase relays are almost the same, basically they are used to protect the electrical safety of the circuit, protect electronic equipment, electronic products, etc.