What is the relay used for?


What is the relay used for? Relay is a kind of protecti […]

What is the relay used for? Relay is a kind of protection element, an automatic switching element with isolation function. The relay can be used for switching, breaking, and connecting multiple circuits, which can expand the control range. With sensitive relays and intermediate relays, high-power circuits can be controlled by small control quantities, while multi-winding relays can integrate multiple control signals to achieve the desired control effect.

The editor has already written several question-and-answer technical articles on the role of relays. Here is an introduction to the role of relays in different fields:

1. The role of relays in the automotive field

The more common relays are: starting relays to start motors, horn relays, motor or generator circuit breakers, charging voltage and current adjustment relays, transition signal flashing relays, light brightness control relays, air conditioning control relays, and automatic sliding door opening and closing control Relay; window lift control relay.

2. The role of relays in household appliances

Used in air conditioners, relays are mainly used to control compressor motors, fan motors and cooling pump motors to perform related control functions.

3. The role of relays in industrial control relays

The main control function is completed by the universal AC relay. The relay is usually driven by a button or limit switch. The contacts of the relay can control solenoid valves, larger starting motors, and indicator lights.