What is the difference between a micro switch and a light touch switch


Micro Switch The switch panel and the raised button con […]

Micro Switch
The switch panel and the raised button connected with the switch panel are characterized in that the button is connected to the panel through arc-shaped connecting strips on both sides thereof; the button, the connecting strip, and the panel are preferably integrated injection molding, The button is preferably covered with a decorative cover. The arc-shaped connecting strip of the present invention has certain elasticity due to its own thin strip shape. Therefore, when the central button is pressed and then released, the elastic effect of the arc-shaped connecting strip will reset it, so there is no need to press the button again. A return spring is arranged below, and at the same time, this structure can be simply realized by integral injection molding, which greatly facilitates manufacturing and assembly.

Touch switch
An electronic switch that can be turned on by lightly pressing the switch button when in use. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The internal structure of the switch is realized by the force of the metal shrapnel. Micro switches are widely used in household appliances due to their small size and light weight, such as color TV buttons, DVD player buttons, computer mice, and so on. But the micro switch also has its shortcomings. Frequent pressing will cause the metal shrapnel to fatigue and lose its elasticity and fail. Therefore, most electrical buttons now use conductive rubber instead, such as computer keyboards and remote controls.