What are the use of solid state relays?


Dedicated solid state relays can have short-circuit pro […]

Dedicated solid state relays can have short-circuit protection, overload protection and over-temperature protection functions, and combined with logic-cured package to realize the intelligent modules required by users, directly used in the control system.

Solid state relays have been widely used in computer peripheral interface equipment, constant temperature systems, temperature regulation, electric furnace heating control, motor control, CNC machinery, remote control systems, industrial automation devices; signal lights, dimming, scintillators, lighting stage lighting control systems; instruments Instruments, medical equipment, copiers, automatic washing machines; automatic fire protection, security systems, and switches for power capacitors that are compensated for power factor of the grid, etc., and also in the use of explosion-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion applications in chemical and coal mines.