What are the categories of electromagnetic contactors?


1. DC contactor It is generally used to control DC elec […]

1. DC contactor

It is generally used to control DC electrical equipment. DC current is applied in the coil. The operation principle and structure of DC contactor are basically the same as that of AC contactor. Because it can quickly cut off the AC and DC main circuits and can be frequently connected with the large current control (some types can reach 800 amps) circuit device, the time relay small program tells you that it is often used as the control object of the motor, also can be used as the control plant equipment, electric heater, working mother machine and various power units and other electrical loads, and as a remote control device .

2. AC contactor

It is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanism, contact system, arc extinguishing device, etc. Commonly used are CJ10, cj12, cj12b and other series.

Because the coil of AC electromagnetic contactor is usually powered by AC power supply, there is usually a high decibel noise after the contactor is excited, which also becomes the feature of electromagnetic contactor. Since 1980s, many countries have developed the silent and energy-saving AC contactor electromagnet. One of the basic feasible solutions is to reduce the voltage of AC power transformer and then convert it into DC power supply through internal rectifier, but this complex control mode is rare.

3. Semiconductor contactor

Semiconductor contactors use contactors that change the on and off states of circuit circuits to complete current operation.

4. Vacuum contactor

The vacuum contactor is the contact system, which adopts the contactor of vacuum degaussing chamber.

5. Air contactor

It is mainly composed of contact system, electromagnetic operation system, bracket, auxiliary contact and shell (or underframe).