The role of general purpose relays


What is a general-purpose relay? General-purpose relay […]

What is a general-purpose relay? General-purpose relay is a relatively abstract concept in physics. Many people may not understand what a general-purpose relay is. The relay is usually used in an automatic control circuit. It actually uses a small current to control high-current operation. An "automatic switch".
The role of the general relay:
A relay is an electrical control device that is an electrical device that causes a predetermined step change in an electrical output circuit when the input amount becomes a particular requirement. It has an interaction between the control system (also known as the input loop) and the controlled system (also known as the output loop). It is typically used in automatic control circuits, which are actually an "automatic switch" that uses a small current to control high current operation. Therefore, it functions as an automatic adjustment, safety protection and conversion circuit in the circuit.
1. Expand the control range: For example, when the multi-contact relay control signal reaches a certain value, it can simultaneously switch, open and open multiple circuits according to different forms of the contact group.
2. Amplification: For example, sensitive relays, intermediate relays, etc., have a small amount of control and can control very high power circuits.
3. Integrated signal: For example, when a plurality of control signals are input to a multi-winding relay in a prescribed form, the comparison is integrated to achieve a predetermined control effect.
Fourth, automatic remote control, monitoring: For example, the relay on the automatic equipment together with other electrical appliances can form a program control circuit to achieve automatic operation.