• Basic knowledge of electronic connectors

    Basic knowledge of electronic connectors

    The basic structural components of the electrical connector include: 1.Contact The contact is the core part of the connector to complete the electrical connection function. The contact pair is generally composed of a male contact and a female contact, and the electrical connection is completed by th... read more

    Dec 08,2018 News
  • Shunt principle

    Shunt principle

    A shunt is actually a resistance with very small resistance. When a direct current passes through it, a voltage drop is generated for the display of a direct current ammeter. The DC ammeter is actually a voltmeter with a full scale of 75mV. DC ammeter and shunt are used together. For example, the cu... read more

    Sep 28,2018 News
  • Shunt


    The shunt is used to measure the DC current. It is made according to the principle that the DC current produces voltage at both ends of the resistance when it passes through the resistance. It is made of insulating ceramics with uniformly distributed holes. The protective gas from the welding torch ... read more

    Aug 04,2016 Industry News
  • Mutual inductor

    Mutual inductor

    Mutual inductor, also known as instrument transformer, is the general name of current transformer and voltage transformer. It can turn high voltage into low voltage and large current into small current, so it can be used for measurement or protection system. Its main function is to convert high volt... read more

    Aug 04,2016 Company News