What is the role of the relay in the application

What role does the relay play in the application? In principle, the relay is an automatic switch element with isolation function, which is widely used in relay communication, remote control, telemetry, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment. A very important control element.Relays generally have accessories that reflect the sensing structure of certain input variables (such as impedance, frequency, current, voltage, power, temperature, pressure, speed, light.

There is an execution structure that can realize on and off control of the controlled circuit; between the input part and the output part of the relay, there is also an intermediate structure part for coupling and isolating the input quantity, functional processing and driving the output part.It is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is the electromagnetic system and the lower layer is the contact system. The electromagnetic system adopts a flat direct-acting magnetic retention magnetic circuit system, which includes a mounting plate. The magnet, magnet, coil, iron core and armature are arranged in the center of the mounting plate.

There are installed coils on both sides of the magnet, a shaped iron core is arranged above the coil, and the armature is located between the iron cores to form a ring structure, and then the magnetic field is used to control the work. Both ends of the mounting plate are located next to the U-shaped bottom of the iron core, and a pure iron plate is also installed to prevent the interference of external magnetic fields.

Usually, the smart home relay open and closed states of the magnetic latching relay contacts are maintained by the magnetic force generated by the permanent magnet. When the contacts of the relay need to be opened or closed, the coil only needs to be excited by the positive and negative DC pulse voltage, and the relay will instantly complete the switching of the opening and closing states. Usually, when the contact is in the holding state, the coil does not need to continue to be energized, and the state of the relay can be maintained by the magnetic force of the permanent magnet.