What is the role of the braking resistor in the inverter

1. Please set the resistance value (P1-52) and capacity (P1-53) of the regenerative resistor correctly, otherwise it will affect the execution of this function.

2. If the user wants to increase the power of the regenerative resistor in parallel, please check whether the resistance value meets the restriction conditions. When the user wants to connect an external regenerative resistor, please make sure that the value of the resistor used is the same as the built-in regenerative resistor. If the wattage of the regenerative resistor is not enough, the same regenerative resistor can be connected in parallel to increase the power.
3. In the natural environment, when the regenerative capacity (average) that the regenerative resistor can handle is used at the rated capacity, the temperature of the resistor will rise above 120°C (in the case of continuous regeneration). For safety reasons, please use forced cooling to reduce the temperature of the regenerative resistor, or it is recommended to use a regenerative resistor with a thermal switch. For the load characteristics of the regenerative resistor, please consult the manufacturer.
4. When using meter base parts an external regenerative resistor, connect the resistor to the P and C terminals, and open the P and D terminals. For external regenerative resistors, try to choose the number of resistors suggested in the table above.