What is the function of the ground resistance tester


Accurately three-phase relay measure the ground impedance, ground resistance, and ground reactance of a large grounding network Potential; measure the on-resistance of the down conductor; measure the soil resistivity. The most important thing is to measure whether the resistance of the ground pole to the ground meets the system requirements, and the ground resistance state is very important for lightning protection, electricity safety, and ground voltage impedance such as the DC state of post and telecommunications, the directionality and efficiency of radio stations. The grounding resistance tester is a new type of digital grounding that abandons the traditional manual manual power generation method, uses advanced large-scale integrated circuits.

And uses  conversion technology to combine the three-terminal and four terminal measurement methods into one model. Resistance tester. It is suitable for measuring the grounding resistance of various devices and measuring the resistance of low-resistance conductors in electric power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, mining and other departments; this meter can also measure soil resistivity and ground voltage. The latest contact ground resistance online tester launched by  is a product carefully developed by our company for remote online monitoring of grounding resistance, ground voltage, equipotential bonding resistance, low-value resistance, and the tester adopts three-wire or two-wire method to test ground resistance.


Use the average rectification method to test the ground voltage, and monitor it online in real time. The tester supports RS485 communication and  communication. According to the provided MODBUS communication protocol, users can carry out secondary development, establish a network, and realize remote multi-point online monitoring contact online ground resistance tester with LCD display, you can view the ground resistance value on the spot.


The alarm threshold can be set through the instrument buttons, and has an audible and visual alarm indication; it can ensure that the ground resistance value of each clock place is high in real-time online monitoring Accuracy, high stability, high reliability, the tester has a guide rail installation structure, which is particularly convenient for installation. ETCR2900B contact online grounding resistance tester is suitable for grounding of power facilities, grounding of road equipment, grounding for meteorological lightning protection, grounding of communication base stations, grounding of railway facilities, grounding of building warehouses.