What are the characteristics of resistive load box

Resistive load boxes are mainly used for performance testing and aging of online high-power UPS, inverters, switching power supplies and diesel generator sets in electric power, telecommunications and other departments and manufacturers. Unified segmented power input, energy-consumption working mode, and forced air-cooled heat dissipation greatly ensure the reliability of constant power discharge; the internal heat dissipation element adopts dry resistance and forced air-cooled heat dissipation. It is produced with independent intellectual property rights of new power consumption components, with high power density, no red heat phenomenon, and automatic overheat protection function. When the fan does not rotate, there will be no overheating and burning damage, and the safety life is long; the whole machine Modular design, simple operation and convenient maintenance; parameters such as voltage and current can be tested according to customer requirements, providing a scientific detection method for high-power AC power equipment.

The discharge power can be set and adjusted according to performance parameters and testing requirements. The discharge time can be set: the load is automatically turned off when the time is up. 0.5-level multi-function digital special instrument, detects and displays: AC voltage, current, active power, power factor, frequency. It can communicate with PC through RS485 microcomputer interface. Special LCD instrument display: AC voltage, current, active power, power factor, voltage frequency; and 1-40 harmonic analysis. It can communicate with PC through RS485 microcomputer interface. The ABC three-phase inductive current value and the ABC three-phase capacitive current value are directly and independently displayed on the control panel, and the AC resonance point symptoms are directly displayed on the panel.

The minimum standard power of the built-in resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load of ACLT is 0.01K, the step width is 0.01K, and the load power is continuously adjustable, which can accurately simulate the occurrence of AC resonance and meet the detection needs of the inverter anti-islanding protection function. The resistive load uses alloy resistive elements, and the resistance thermal drift will not be caused by the heating of the resistive load element during the test. The built-in inductor of ACLT adopts magnetic circuit controllable load inductance load element, which meets the 0.01KVA power regulation requirement under 220V/50Hz working condition, and the inductance impedance power will not change during the long-term loading test process. The inductive load adopts low-loss components to ensure that the current harmonic (THD) of the inductive load under the nominal operating voltage does not exceed 2%, and the inductive components above 10K contain resistive parasitics less than 1%. The built-in capacitor adopts UL certification standard CBB capacitor, which meets the 0.01KVAR power adjustment requirement under 220V/50Hz operating conditions, and meets the requirement that the capacitor impedance power will not change during the long-term loading test.

RLC resistance/inductance/capacitive automatic EBW shunt resistor load cabinet is a new type of simulated load specially developed for the experiment, aging, electrical parameter performance test and maintenance of high-power AC power equipment such as UPS. Kaixiang Technology specializes in production, which can simulate the starting characteristics, stability characteristics, transient characteristics and output parameter testing and working process of pure resistive, inductive, capacitive loads and mixed loads. Check the performance of AC power when connected to different loads. The power input adopts the optimized segmented type uniformly to meet the needs of different loads and different power factors.