How are motor relays in the Eastern European market


According to data, as of 2021, the EU 27+3 region magnetic latching relay has nearly 150 million smart meters, with a penetration rate of 49%. With a strong compound annual growth rate of 7.2%, the installed base is expected to exceed 227 million units in 2026. With the deployment of many markets in Western Europe and Northern Europe now progressing smoothly or basically completed, it is expected that the composition of annual smart power shipments will undergo major changes in the next few years.

In the next few years, the development of electricity meters in Eastern Europe will become the focus, such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other markets.
For these industrial powers in Eastern Europe, the amperage of the meter is 100A/120A, and the required meter type is a suspended small-volume meter. For certification, there are also requirements for certification such as UC2, UC3, etc., so for the indispensable components in the meter, the motor The core of the relay's work is the very small internal working motor, and the overall motor relay has the characteristics of small size, space saving, internal optimization, and high functionality, so that motor relays, such as our IM-M1202, have a very large share in the Eastern European market !

As we mentioned in the past, as a component in the electric meter, it is driven by an internal motor to control the on-off motor relay. For example, our IM-M1202 internal motor has a metal shell. According to this feature, the motor relay It comes with 500mT anti-magnetic ability. As an industry elite, we believe that everyone knows the importance of anti-magnetic: If a strong magnetic field appears around the relay, it will greatly affect the on-off control of the line and cause false on-off. Affect industrial production and data measurement.With the interconnection of the European power trading market, the power interconnection between Central and Eastern European countries will be further strengthened in the future, and the power grid construction market has a bright future.

This also means that electricity meters are becoming increasingly intelligent. With its functions in monitoring, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics, new energy vehicles, and smart cities, motor relays have made motor relays an indispensable "core" for the electricity meter market in Eastern Europe.
The demand for intelligence in Central Europe will also support the deployment of smart meters. Moreover, regional energy security and the concern for power transmission and distribution losses are better than those in Western Europe. Therefore, in the next ten years, Eastern European countries will spare no effort in investing in smart grids.