How to set up the electromagnetic relay


The structure and working principle of the electromagne […]

The structure and working principle of the electromagnetic relay are similar to those of the contactor, and are mainly composed of an electromagnetic mechanism and a contact. Electromagnetic relays are also available in both DC and AC.

The suction and release values of the relay can be adjusted within a certain range according to the protection requirements. The DC electromagnetic relay shown is taken as an example for illustration.

AFE car relay

(1) Adjust the operating current (voltage) by turning the adjusting nut and adjusting the tightness of the reaction spring. The larger the spring reaction force, the larger the operating current (voltage), and vice versa.

(2) Change the thickness of the non-magnetic spacer. The thicker the non-magnetic spacer, the larger the air gap and reluctance of the magnetic circuit after the armature is attracted, and the larger the release current (voltage), and the smaller the opposite, the smaller the attraction value.

 (3) Adjust the screw to change the size of the initial air gap. When the reaction spring force and the non-magnetic spacer thickness are constant, the larger the initial air gap, the larger the suction current (voltage), and vice versa, and the release value does not change.